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Pricing for web design, seems to have gone a little mad! Prices ranging from €750 to €2000 for an average entry level website. These prices have pushed a lot of people into using DIY sites, or the various 'Create Your Own' options around. These sites never work as well as a hand coded site, and tend to be bulky and poor to perform. Add to that the fact that Googles' standards for sites have been set ever higher, and as a result poorly performing or coded sites are being given poor ratings by the search engines, and this means lower positions in the search results.

We are kind of old fashioned, we don't think that pricing a web design job, should involve charging as much as you can get away with, we actually believe that you charge for the work that goes into it. Yes, I know that some web design companies think that's a silly notion, but it used to be called value for money!

As a result, we price each site based on what is involved to create it. On this page you will find some sample prices of what we can offer you. Each price is a once off charge, we do not charge you monthly or yearly for design work on a website. We'll simply charge you should you want any changes or additions made, no changes, no charges; seems to us that that is how it should be done.

Sample Web Design Pricing

*Prices do not include cost of domain or hosting
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